Most people do not realize that the air that they breathe in could be polluted, which can lead to various respiratory and health problems. There will be some residual cleaning effects of those areas immediately surrounding the main cleaning area (such as a hallway outside a bedroom), but for the most part, only the immediate area that the air purifier is placed into will give the best air cleaning results.

There are currently several reputable manufacturers of air purifiers that are taking removal of gaseous contaminants very seriously, with various models of air purifiers and gas removal filters designed specifically for various chemical contaminants.


If an air purifier is built with a HEPA filter , it operates by pulling air into a dense, paper filter and trapping the particles within it so they can’t float back into the air. Getting an air cleaner is a good idea if you suffer from allergies and you try hard to get rid of the dust, pollen, and dander.

Ozone generators are not effective air purifiers for your home; they can be harmful to your family and can cause health problems, including respiratory tract irritation and breathing difficulty. Some of the units have a washable pre-filter that traps larger airborne particles.


BlueAir functions with a line of air purifiers making the air fresh and safe for the asthmatics. If an air purifier produces ozone, this is something to be wary of and it is a good idea to look into the technical specifications. Unfortunately the air purifier marketplace is saturated with misinformation-filled with false claims hunter and over-hyped products that have little to no effect on the overall health of our indoor air.

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